Super Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid

Super Battle Droid

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For sale is one (1) lego Star Wars Super Battle Droid Minifigure.

The Super Battle Droid stands taller than most other mini-figures. It consists of a single piece for the torso, a single piece for the legs, and two parts for the arms. All sections but the leg part are exclusive to the mini-figure, as its unique design cannot be matched by standard components.

What you see in the picture is what you get.

Brand new, mint condition. 100% Genuine.

B2 Super Battle Droids were a key part of the CIS military. They were specialized battle droids encased in thick shells of armour and equipped with heavy weapons. Their strong, bulky exterior made them difficult to take down. That, coupled with their wrist-mounted repeating blasters and missile launchers, made them extremely valuable on the battlefield. It also made them rather expensive to create, which is why they were never mass-produced in numbers rivaling the more basic B1s. Unlike their less powerful counterparts, which often served other functions like that of a pilot, B2s were designed for combat and nothing else. B2s rarely, if ever, spoke, and marched on the front lines, often acting as shields for the B1s behind them. They were known to destroy everything in their path, including other droids, to reach their quarry. They were occasionally painted in camouflage for dense jungle planets and were sometimes modified to carry heavy missile launchers. Super Battle Droids were utilized by the CIS at all points in the Clone Wars from beginning to end.
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